Who is Esther Perel?

Esther Perel, a renowned relationship therapist and author, has made the art of understanding and addressing complex relationship issues her life’s work.

In doing so, Esther Perel emphasizes the importance of open communication as the foundation for strong relationships. Discover how honest conversations can be the key to understanding and connection between partners.

Maintaining passion through the years

In her TED Talks, Perel shares wise words about maintaining passion in long-term relationships. Explore her ideas on keeping romance alive and fueling ardent love even after many years together.

Autonomy and individual growth

A central theme of Perel’s vision is the need for autonomy within a relationship. Discover how room for individual growth and self-development can promote the sustainability of a partnership.

Esther Perel carries ordinary ideas about love and connection. Delve into her refreshing perspectives on desire, tension and the role they play in weaving strong emotional bonds.


Perel encourages not only relationship deepening, but also self-discovery. Discover how her insights serve as a powerful driver for people striving for personal growth and redefining what they value.

A compass

In a world of constant change, Esther Perel offers a valuable compass for couples seeking lasting love and growth. Explore the depth of her insights and be inspired to add a new dimension to your relationship.

Discover more?

Watch Esther Perel’s inspiring TED Talks on her YouTube channel.

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