Whatever you are going through, the (imminent) loss of a loved one can have a devastating effect on your emotional well-being.

Allenamento understands the complexities of grief, especially in situations such as infidelity or other experiences of loss.

I am ready to provide support and help you process your grief.

With professional guidance and an empathetic approach, I strive to help you find a path to healing and recovery.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need guidance. Allenamento is there for you, because dealing with loss is an individual process that deserves guidance and care. You are not alone!


What if you thought you had it all and suddenly it all falls apart?

What have I missed, and my great fear, is it ready now?

Love has always been there, but apparently it wasn’t enough,

Was it a lack of excitement, challenge, or what am I missing that drove you away?

I’m sad and disappointed, what makes you do this.

Ask too much,
It rattles my entire existence.

I can’t get rid of “the image” and that makes me angry,

Angry because of why you chose this solution.

Talking is so damn difficult, but you managed to take this step,
It’s really getting me into trouble.

Choosing something that “us” could give up,
You could have taken this for granted somewhere.

Something so special, how can you not think about this,
Knowing that this would hurt me so much.

I have to learn to live with it,
and will have to give it a place somewhere.

I just don’t know how yet,
What is the right way or point here?

Looking for that one key to forgiveness,
Hoping for a completely different movement.

Could love conquer all,
Or is continuing to look for the excitement and wanting to be someone else more important inside?

Not knowing and not knowing where the beach is,
Makes you struggle with roller-coaster feelings.

We just have to make the best of it,
And don’t get ahead of yourself.

Maybe time will tell and it will make us more powerful than ever before,
For now it just feels very dull and frozen.

Something I never thought possible to experience myself,
Makes reality different if I suddenly have to carry it myself.

If only I could go back in time and be sure that this will never happen again,
That fear, guarantee right to the door, makes it regrettable.

I only have control over myself and not over you,
That feels very lonely, raw and bleak cold.

Now you suddenly miss me and you don’t want to lose me anymore.
You deeply regret that one choice.

But what if I can’t give you that excitement and that euphoric feeling?
Then it becomes very difficult to live with that.

What if all the time and effort doesn’t make it better,
Will you then proceed with that fantastic euphoric act?

Please keep looking at all the beautiful things we do have and what is yet to come,
Follow your heart and find out what it stands for.

In any case, be honest about your feelings, desires and who you really want to be,
Hopefully that will save us both a lot of pain.

Somewhere the sun will shine again,
And make this bad feeling disappear over time.

In the hope that in a few years I will be able to write a completely different text.